PARENT FORUM learning community

The Parent Forum Learning Community 

is a place where parents, grandparents, future parents, meet together.

The purpose is for parents to support each other, learn from each other, challenge each other, and equip each other.  Our current format is listening to speakers, via D6 Family Conference, and having discussion afterwards.  We meet every 6-8 weeks.  See our schedule below.

If you would like more information, please

  email Daniel

p.F.L.C. meeting dates

Please note the dates for future forums.  The time will be 7:00PM, unless otherwise noted.



    One of the more lacking parts of western culture is we are a people with no anchoring, no story, and no grounding. We live disembodied lives in a disembodied culture. Yet, in scripture there does seem to be a heavy emphasis on a daily, weekly, yearly cadence that puts us dancing to the music of God’s grace in a way we were created for. This talk will trace where we have gone wrong, and how we can regain more of God’s design for the cadence of our lives in our marriages and lives.


These are some of the resources used to form our Parent Forum.

Known for the D6 Conference and D6 Curriculum, Randall House helps lead the family ministry conversation. Randall House provides events, opportunities and resources to help you do generational discipleship at church and at home. For more information, visit