PARENT FORUM learning community

The Parent Forum Learning Community 

is a place where parents, grandparents, future parents, meet together.

The purpose is for parents to support each other, learn from each other, challenge each other, and equip each other.  Our current format is listening to speakers, via D6 Family Conference, and having discussion afterwards.  We meet every 6-8 weeks.  See our schedule below.

If you would like more information, please

  email Daniel

p.F.L.C. meeting dates

Please note the dates for future forums.  The time will be 7:00PM, unless otherwise noted.

  • Monday, May 2nd


    The oldest Millennials are 38 this year, which means the parents of young children coming to your church are very likely Millennials. Who are they, though? What do they think about the church? And what do they want for their child’s relationship with the Lord and with the church? Discover the three key areas that will determine the depth to which millennial parents of faith will engage with your church community.

  • TBA


    If you want a different outcome, you may have to change the design and process of your discipleship. Transformational discipleship requires a commitment to the habitual practicing of our faith and intentional commitment to its centrality in our lives, our families, and our churches. Let’s dive into grace-infused practices for growing our faith and discipling one another.


These are some of the resources used to form our Parent Forum.

Known for the D6 Conference and D6 Curriculum, Randall House helps lead the family ministry conversation. Randall House provides events, opportunities and resources to help you do generational discipleship at church and at home. For more information, visit