Four foundational truths

1. The SOVEREIGNTY of God.

God is creator and He created the universe in 6 days.

God is LORD.  He has every right, claim, and authority over our lives.

2.  The SINFULNESS of Man.

All men are born sinners and are in need of a Savior.

We live as fallen people in a fallen world.

3.  The SUFFICIENCY of Christ.

Salvation is found only in the person of Christ through His blood.

Christ is not only Savior, but also our source of help and power in every area of life:

Spiritual | Physical | Emotional

4.  The SANCTIFYING Work of the Holy Spirit.

After salvation, sanctification begins.

[transformation of the believer by the Holy Spirit into the spiritual image of Christ]

Sanctification is not optional.  It is the goal of every believer.

Every believer has been given abilities (gifts) to be used in the building up the "Ecclesia - Congregation."